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INNFORMED will use Innovation Systems thinking and a Foresight approach to develop a structured Euro-Med dialogue in research and innovation, to embed innovation systems thinking in the region, to deepen and strengthen MEDA capabilities in RTDI related policy process design and implementation, and to develop success scenarios for turning current MEDA strengths and RTD investments into growth opportunities. The work will involve the design of pilot foresight programmes, the organisation of success scenario workshops and the compilation of workshop reports for each Partner country, as well as the development of a ‘Mediterranean Foresight Manual’ to support the wider take-up of these techniques in the region.

The initiative will draw upon existing foresight experience in Malta, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Egypt. It will call upon MoCo in a strategic consultative capacity and link up with ongoing INCO projects such as ESTIME and ASBIMED. The work of the INNFORMED initiative will be carried out by a consortium of European organisations in collaboration with a network of partners. The consortium is lead by Crehan, Kusano & Associates of Belgium and consists of CKA along with The University of Manchester and the Malta Council of Science and Technology. The Partners are organisations directly or indirectly involved in the development science and technology policy in each of Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

The INNFORMED initiative is structured in three phases:
  • Phase I lays the foundation for Phase II by identifying partners and teams to support the work locally, and to select the thematic, sectoral or systemic focus for the activity and designing Phase II.

  • Phase II is dedicated to the execution of local Foresight pilots.

  • Phase III is the dissemination phase.
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